By our pre-sales and after sales services, we are working for our customers success.

Our Brand has been developing continiously by giving priority to Complete customer satisfaction principle since 1978, also we know the importance of compressed air energy in factories and we have 7days / 24hours continious service provision.

Our service activities starts at pre-sales period; Our Sales representatives can applicate pre-sales analysis, such as choosing the suitable space for compressor, favourable installation conditions, temperature of compressor room, ventilation conditions of compressor, ground conditions of the room and the compressed air equipment of the factory. All the documents and notifications which our after-sales department receives, are being applicated and stored permanently in our records by a special software program.

Thus, the general state of compressor is being analized easily and the problems which are arising from environmental or operational conditions (such as deficiencies, loss of features, metallic wear, electrical faults etc.) can be notified beforehand to our customers. Air loss measurements is being done on-site application with specific devices. All these applications are very supportive for our customers to minimize their hidden energy loss thus saving energy. Also controlling the actively working compressor’s electrical equipment by thermal imager can be protective for the possible sudden stance of compressor beforehand.

In Yiğitsan, we have been providing service & sales activities which are pre-planned, well equipped and specialized staff in 81 provinces throughout Turkey.

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