Tornado Series

Tornado Series

Excellent Desing…

Yiğitsan Compressor has been manufacturing Rotary Screw Air Compressors in collaboration with the world’s leading organizations in this field and it has been achieving productive & satisfactory results. Yiğitsan supplies screw air compressors with their required free air delivery & pressure values, they are workplace safe items, designed in efficient capacities and plenty of spare parts.

As a leader company in Rotary Screw Compressor area, Yiğitsan Compressor has also presented new products for your requirements. Tornado Series Screw Air Compressors, occupy minimum space, they have compact shape and their free air delivery capacites are starting from 0.37 m3 / min. up to 2.3 m3 / min., also they have all other features of normal screw air compressors. When necessary, the Air-Dryers and line filters can also be mounted on top of them and save additional spaces.

Type Free Air Outlet (m3/dk.) Motor Power (Kw/Hp) width x length x height (mm) Air Receiver (Lt)
8 Bar m³ / min 10 Bar m³ /min 13 Bar m³/min
TORNADO 3 0,37 2,2/3 580x1860x1390 200
TORNADO 5 0,54 0,41 0,32 4/5,5 580x1860x1390 300
TORNADO 7 0,86 0,69 0,45 5,5/7,5 730x2050x1680 500
TORNADO 10 1,2 0,9 0,7 7,5/10 730x2050x1680 500
TORNADO 15 1,8 1,4 1,1 11/15 730x2050x1680 500
TORNADO 20 2,3 2,1 1,7 15/20 780x2050x1680 500

*Capacities measured according to ISO 1217 norm at 1 BAR pressure and 20 °C air temperature. The sound level was measured according to the pneurop norm. Please contact us for the brochure, supply or consultancy services of our other products. Our company has the right to make changes to technical values.
Superior Features of Our Tornado Service Screw Air Compressors
It is long lasting,
With its compact structure, it takes up little space and has the advantage of easy installation.
Superior performance and high quality production,
It has designs suitable for long-term efficient operation,
It offers the privilege of domestic production and abundant spare parts,
It has a widespread service network throughout the country,
It is under 2 years factory warranty,

With over 35 years of experience, Yiğitsan Kompresör is the only Turkish Compressor factory with the widest product range in Turkey. Accordingly, it brings with it many advantages. Due to its feature of having a large internal warehouse volume, it provides accurate and timely services to all businesses with Yiğitsan brand compressors, with its abundant spare parts, widespread service network, experienced technical team and the fastest service quality in the sector.

To make you feel that your business is safe at all times, your uninterrupted service is provided all over Turkey with a 24/7 service line.

Yiğitsan Tank Mounted Screw Air Compressors

Yiğitsan Kompresör achieves maximum efficiency in its screw air compressor production activities for the industry, in cooperation with the world’s leading companies in this field. It offers screw air compressors at the desired flow rate and pressure, with safe, economical, high-efficiency designs and abundant spare parts for occupational safety. Yiğitsan Compressor, a pioneer in the field of screw compressors; It has also presented its new products in this field to your service. Our TORNADO series screw air compressors, which take up less space, are designed to serve medium-sized industrial establishments. With compact appearance, TORNADO series compressors had all the features of normal screw air compressors. If desired, compressed air dryers and compressed air line filters can also be mounted on the compressor, allowing you to save space.

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