High Pressure Drilling Type Mobile Screw Air Compressor

High Pressure Drilling Type Mobile Screw Air Compressor

Maximum performance, minimum expenses…

Our High Pressure Drilling Type Screw Air Compressors supplied for use in non-stationary operations in wide areas such as Construction, Mining, Drilling etc. The demand for drilling compressors continius to increase all around the World markets.

Our High Pressure Drilling Type Screw Air Compressors with their expected airflow and pressure rates, work safe designs, productive operational capacities, extensive service network and plenty of spare parts, swiftly takes its market share in domestic & overseas markets.

*Long-lasting product
*Designed for productive operation in long time periods .
*Advantage of domestic manufacturing & plenty of spare parts.
*Extensive technical service network throughout Turkey.
*2 years factory guarantee.

Type Free Air Outlet Working Pressure Dimensios Length x Width x Height Weight
(m³/min) (cfm) (bar) (psi) (mm) (mm) (mm) (kg)
YYBD 760 21.5 760 18 261 4500 1850 2300 5700
YYBD 930 26.3 930 24 348 4200 2100 2700 6000
YYBD 1060 30 1060 21 304 4560 1850 2400 5900
YYBD 1160 32.8 1160 21 304 4550 1950 2400 5300
YYBD 1161 32.8 1160 25 362 4300 2150 2800 6100
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Advantages Reliable Drive Motor

Yigitsan compressor uses diesel engines whose performance is accepted all over the world.

Low Oil Consumption

Yiğitsan compressors separate oil from air using a two-stage oil separator. Since all the oil is completely returned to the system, it creates an economical working environment for you.

Low Operating cost

Spare parts specially designed by Yiğitsan are offered to you at very cheap prices. This provides you with a working environment at the lowest cost.

Control Panel

All controls are made analog. Air pressure indicators, operating hours, ignition key, alternator, temperature indicators and many protection information are available on the control panel.

Superior Features of Our High Pressure Portable Screw Drilling Air Compressors

Long lasting

Excellent fuel economy

Easy maneuvering and fast transportation even under difficult conditions

Environmentally friendly (we have designs specific to exhaust emission and noise guidelines.)

Easy maintenance advantage with professional cabin design

Optional option with or without trailer

Easy-to-use control panel

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